Tips For Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

A commercial coffee machine is a very big investment and one that can be detrimental to your business.
There are various ways to go about purchasing you new coffee machine, from buy out right, renting and buy over time.
The coffee machine should be part of your business plan especially if you are looking at some of the more pricey models, but remember to buy accordingly in relation a realistic customer count.

It is possible to get a very nice refurbished 3 group model for less than a grand, but you really do need to look at lots of other factors before you make a decision.
There is no point in buying a 4 group Gaggia espresso machine if you do not get the use from all groups, that would be the equivalent of throwing money away.
On the other hand, if your funds only allowed for a small 1-2 group low end machine, but your business is in a prime location that will get pretty busy, then it’s time to look at other ways of raising the capital for a high end digital coffee machine.

Commercial coffee machines can become a very expensive requirement of your business and it is very easy to get carried away with all the technology and shiny objects.
In there own right Commercial espresso machines can almost become an obsession like owning a classic car or scooter such as Lambretta.
It is even possible to spend more on a automatic coffee machine than it is on a classic motorbike.

commercial espresso machines

As you can see from the image, it could be very easy to spend $5000 on a commercial coffee maker and that is why you must find the option for not just you but your business.

In this post I have mainly referred to commercial businesses as the main buyers of espresso coffee makers, but I know that coffee is a growing trend and trendy offices and small businesses are now in the hunt for some coffee bling to to satisfy the need of their employees.

For the smaller business you can still get a very nice latte from the smaller machines, such as the “Francino Little Gem Espresso Machine” or “The Saeco Royal Professional
These smaller machines are from the commercial range but at a more affordable price.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Another thing to bare in mind is the maintenance of you coffee machine.
An espressomachine requires care and attention, a lot more than you can imagine.
Coffee drinkers are passionate about their daily fix and can tell when a cappuccino has been made on a dirty machine.
So there are machines that can self clean, but not literally, you still have to have some input.
There are back flushing non back flushing, digital alert for when a machine needs attention and the list is endless, but its all down to price.

Then there’s the maintenance cost, it’s inevitable that your machine will need attention from time to time and depending on how you purchase your commercial coffee machines, will
define your maintenance plan.

By renting an espresso machine you will have the ability to work out some maintenance options, this can be a great money saver, especially if you are just starting out and you are not sure on what you really need for your business.
It can be beneficial for keeping repair cost down but it’s also nice to have the option to upgrade your espresso machine.
And the same applies to any business, even if your renting coffee vending machines.



Commercial Coffee Machines

Great coffee is the main factor in the success of any good coffee shop.
People know coffee just like people know and love wine or great food.
Over the years Commercial coffee machines have open the doors dramatically for bustling coffee houses around the world and technology has played a big part in the development of the modern commercial coffee machine.

In this post you will notice that I use the phrase commercial coffee machines, rather than just coffee machines.
The reason for the above statement is because the two are worlds apart and cannot be talked about in the same way.

Although I said Com Coffee machines  have relied a lot on technology, under the hood the basis of the machine has hardly changed.
Drip brewing as it was first called is around 125 years old and the principle was the same.

coffee machine

  • grind roasted coffee beans
  • Drip hot water through the coffee beans – also known as peculating.

The main difference now days is the speed that a commercial coffee machine is able to carry out the process, and the reliability of the machine is paramount to  a coffee shop making hundreds and in some cases thousands of coffees day in and day out.

Italian company Gaggia is probably the most well known commercial coffee machine maker in the world.
They have been making commercial and domestic coffee machines for decades.
Gaggia founded in 1948 by Achille Gaggia, the man who created the modern espresso machine which led the way for espresso coffee.
Gaggia patented the modern steam-free coffee machine in 1977 after producing domestic coffee machines for the Italian market.
Gaggias machines are now made at the Robecco sul Naviglio plant  in Milan, where the tradition skills and modern technology blend to make masterpiece of shiny metal pipes.
Gaggia coffee machines have transformed the way coffee is made with it’s fully automated coffee making time machine, that grinds, pours and brews the best coffee beans in the world.

If you are just a small business or busy office looking for a great coffee machine, you would be wise not to eve think of purchasing a top end commercial coffee maker as these don’t come cheap.
Not only is there a high purchase price but there are also maintenance cost to think about.
But that doesn’t mean you cant have a great coffee maker as some of the smaller semi commercial coffee machines are absolutely beautiful and make an outstanding cuppa.

 To view some great coffee makers from gaggia try taking a look at the extensive range that Amazon has to offer.

If your looking for that something extra to please your customers you definitely need to go high end, but be sure to make the right choices for your business, as it is easy to get carried away with the bling and shiny object.

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